Adam West’s Batman… or atleast what I remember of it.

Adam West’s Batman (TV series) was what first triggered my interest in comics. And no, I’m not over 40 y/o. I happened to have really bad satelite television, which aired that1960s show in the late 1990s.

I was in my early Primary school years, and as soon as I hear “nanananana Batman! Fatman! Batmaaaan~!”, I’d jump onto the sofa. I was totally mesmerized by the “Pow” “Bam” “Blam Blam”, and the obvious non-contact fighting scenes.
And I never really questioned myself how tight Burt Ward (Robin)’s groin area must be wearing those.

… doesn’t look too tight

… oh well…

*scrolls around on Google image search*’
… aaaand lets just say, Nostalgia > Reality

I was around 7/8 years old when I was watching it, but I wasn’t totally oblivious ’bout the details. It made me WTFOMGBBQ when Robin was getting threatened and intimidated by a supossed ‘villian’ who had the power to control a bee. Yes, a bee. Which, might I add, was totally attached to a metal (prodding) stick… prodding stick which i’ll use to poke at Batman’s Batfat.

Mmmm~ Batfaaat :)

And what I remember of the other villians weren’t really ‘evil’. They weren’t even metahumans were they? Oh wait, forgot… the power to control a bee. I bet the majority the villians were girl/boy scouts, and had amazing knot tying skills, which enabled them to always catch one of them. “Arghh! oh no, the knots too tight. Halp meeeee!”
We love you Batman and Robin (and maybe Batgirl)!!!

mmm~… Bat bondage…
I bet they secretly enjoyed it.

… dude, did Bats even have Batarangs?

But then, tragedy strikes!
2/3 years later, the time slot was taken by Baywatch… t’was guilty pleasure. LOL! I pretty much had a crush on Cody. and Mitch’s son… which I forgot his name… :'(
CJ has big bewbs! and you may call me Captain Obvious.


One Response to “Adam West’s Batman… or atleast what I remember of it.”

  1. jakobi_obi Says:

    you see the batman episode where robin (burt ward) was fighting kato (THE Bruce Lee)? whoever thought burt ward could keep up with bruce lee was obviously smoking something they should share with me.

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