Ledger’s Joker vs. The Joker

I REALLY wonder how many Dark Knight reviews are out there by now. They’re all like a broken record, repeating the same thing over and OVER again (with exceptions of few critical reviews)… and my eyebrow twitches every time I see a new one.

*twitch twitch*

But what’s most common about all reviews are the standing ovations to Heath Ledger’s great performance as The Joker.

What I’ve seen and read about Ledger’s Joker is that he is “dark”, constanly blowing cars up and lacks telling jokes.

Doesn’t look too happy either.

In contrary, …
What I know of The Joker (the comic Joker), he’s supposed to be more ‘happier’ to a point it’s insane!, yet with grim and dark schemes. He’s supposed to give off an eerie vibe of madness!
He laughs and cracks jokes as he fucks people’s lives up! He smiles as he bashes Robin (Jason) to death with a crowbar. He laughs as he shoots and paralyzes Batgirl. He starts laughing hysterically even if he’s in a boo-boo.
And that’s a bloody hard thing to do!

But where’s the insanity Heath?

Maybe I’m being over critical.
You gotta know that Joker is the sole villain who can question the audience, of Batman’s sanity. After all, both of their lives got pretty screwed up. One was a failing comedian whose pregnant wife died, and the other’s parents got shot and killed right in front of his eyes. The only difference is that Batman manifests his insanity in a different way: by dressing-up as a Bat and fighting crime! There’s only a thin line between Batman and Joker
… one can crack a joke, and the other can’t.

All I’m saying. Ledger’s Joker could have loosenedup a little more. Get clownin’ around!


So the lesson of the day kids, smile at everything and anyone!


10 Responses to “Ledger’s Joker vs. The Joker”

  1. I think you’re being a tad bit over critical
    Christopher Nolan’s perspective of the joker was right on
    maybe not as the original writers of Batman attended, but it was a top notch performance due to what the scenes were.

    I don’t think anyone would be able to pull off the perfect Joker
    It will drive anyone crazy, or just seem plain old stupid.


  2. Damn cool blogg!!! Remember the original Judge Dredd from 200ad..and the mess they made of that movie along with Tank Girl!!

    Why did they never do ROGUE TROOPER or NEMESIS??? now they would have been great movies.

    As far as the Dark Knight goes…I have been disappointed in all of them after reading the graphic novel…the movies should have been based on the book.

    Have you checked out the GUNSLINGER graphic novels yet..from the books by Stephen King ‘The Dark Tower’ ?

    I loved this blogg.

  3. Shit! I never knew there was a Tank Girl movie!

    I haven’t really explored the Marvel-side of comics. But I thought it was pretty awesome for Stephen King’s novel to get adapted as a graphic novel! (I haven’t checked it out yet tho)

  4. Harley Quinn Says:

    I think that the performance of Ledger’s Joker was the best ever!
    I know they took a big risk tranforming the Joker in such a big way, and I know not everyone liked it, but hey, the Joker ia always evolving, he’s been around here for sixty years now, and the only thing that hasn’t changed troughout the animted version, was his hair and clothes. That’s it!
    Besides, the cool thing about these new Batman-movies is that they are realistic. I mean, the chance is small, but the way they brought it in, there could rise a real batman. Because this is all so realisticly brought, they couldn’t just drop the Joker in some acid. Therefor they had to transform the whole Joker, and I think this is the best ever…
    I’m in love with him… *sigh*

  5. You are just right,

    Heath Ledger’s performance was awsome but not! NOT! THE JOKER! not The Joker We love and who is more Than Insane! He Bows and salutes and Doesn’t Kil! NO! THE JOKER SAID IT HIMSELF! Killing Is wrong! You don’t kill!

    just read Spider-Man/Batman #1 Where THe Joker explains to Carnage the True Reason why he is the Greatest of all!

    or The Devils Advocate! Where The Joker explains AGAIN! Why he doesn’t kill!

    Because THE JOKER! THE JOKER! IS AN ARTIST! Just like mister Nicholson said, I’m the first multifunctional, homocidial Artist!

    I reject and despise the comic Joker because The Joker is not his name! It is his Title!

    The animated series with The Joker maybe never actually changed his looks but uhm FOR HEAVEN SAKE! He is The Joker!

    Heath Ledger did a tremendous Great Performance for trying to be a Joker but that is the diffrence between The Joker and Heat Ledger.

    Heath Ledger was an actor and The Joker is not! The Joker is an Artist!

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