Oh fuck me, I love it!

Goly Gee Batman, Mao loves the Runaways!

I actually only finished the first run (#1-#18), but that picture’s cool. So whatever :]

So Yesterday TPBs/digest I ordered has arrived!
– Runaways vol. 1 – 3
– Teen Titans/Outsiders: Insiders
– The Flash: The Secret of Barry Allen.

It takes motherfucking TWO WEEKS, so I was overjoyed when I went to pick it up! I ordered Runaways because people guaranteed me of it’s awesomeness.


man, I’m still really hyped from the ending, so my vocab range is really small.
But to some up this post, Runaways was…


You just feel for the kids you know? Like you really think to yourself “wow, sucks to be them”. You just get so attached to the characters, so the ending made me go “….wtf! :'(“.

But I being a sixteen year, same age as most of them, found it weird that none of them cried. Sure, they were angry/panicked/all that jazz, but none of them were CRYING!Maybe I’m a wussy pancake, but I’d cry and be like “OMG, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! I WANNA DIE, I WANNA DIE!!!” and I’ll be whiney… to the max.

and now I need to go order the rest of the digest. So it’ll be another 3 weeks until I can read the rest, oh fuck me living in Hong Kong.

Well that’s it from me! Something short and sweet once in a while :)


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