BMTH, wtf?

“Bring me the Horizon, what the fuck?”

Has anyone heard their new shit?
Stupid question… i know atleast 200k people has heard of it already.

“The Comedown”

I mean like, wtf?!

Not a happy Dah-bu-Yu.Tee.Eff.

They totally changed! Sounds like some typical shitty hardcore band now >.< (ahh, please don’t kill me)




just needed to vent.

…. props to Predator by the way.


4 Responses to “BMTH, wtf?”

  1. I think they still sound gooood.
    They’re my favorite band

  2. They have changed a lot, and it is some typical shit, I don’t know what’s going on but it’s not as original. All the songs follow a same pattern, I know it’s to give us a nice connection but dammit, Count Your Blessings was epic, this is just ok.

  3. yourownpersonalmonster Says:

    haha. they still sound great [better then most] but i agree.
    what the fuck where they thinking?
    hopefully they’ll see how bad a mistake they made and go back to being that loud screamo band we all know and love.

    and if they dont.
    well i guess we’ll have to learn to love their new stuff.
    or just forget about their new stuff and pretend they just never made suicide season.

  4. ohh man, this CD was awful. i can’t even grasp how horrified i was to be listening to this and thinking THIS IS BMTH?!?!?:(
    NEEDLESS to say, i was upset. and i still listen to count your blessings over and over again.

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