A separate post about me being :)

I’ve been hearing great news recently; other than the recent awesome comic issues!

I found out that I got 100% in my GCSE Media Studies!
100% in exam,
100% in coursework.
I oh-em-geed!
First off, it was one of those exams which you come out thinking tons of other stuff you would’ve included in your answers. Secondly, I got a C for my mock exam.
Media’s my favourite subject, so I’m still going over the moon :D I should be coming down soon.

I might get to serve community service at the comic book store!
I’ll get to buy all the new issues! And package the new issues! And put them on the rack! ahaha, I told them I’m hardworking, so we’ll see.

My friend’s dad offered me a job!!!
He’s a teacher at a local (Cantonese) school, and he’s looking for people to help them with their English. Guess what the pay is? HK$250 (around US$31) for 90 minutes! I’ll be working once a week x]
But I’m not 100% to take it or not since I’m supposed to prepare them for an exam,… so the pressure’s huge.
Did I mention they’re the same age as me? ._.

Lalalala~ :D


2 Responses to “:)”

  1. Congrats on your exams and whatnot, life must be good for you right now, haha.

    Go for the job!!1!
    It’s better that their age is the same as yours opposed to teaching young kids English. Plus, you’re grammar is really good if you asked me. Not to mention the pay is really worth it, jeez over here I’d make at least $31 in 3 or so hours =.=
    Imagine the comic book store started paying you after you have volunteered for enough hours =o

    how many hours do you need in order to graduate anyways? ._.

  2. thank’s for the comment
    now i see you like comics!
    so, you’re in the mood


    be happy!

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