It suddenly hit me like a bus… A double-decker bus!

My best-friend moved to Canada during the Summer. We didn’t get to say our goodbyes because she found out when she was there, for what she thought was a two-way ticket trip.

It was a lazy Summer afternoon in Hong Kong. I was glazing at the TV screen, at a movie I think… about three brothers on a road trip in india. The phone rang. I rolled off the couch. I got to the phone (which was only 3ft away xD;;) after it’s 4th ring.

“Hello~? =_=;;”
“Hi Mao, it’s Jodi”
“Oh em gee, Hi Jodi! :D How’s Summer there?”
“It’s cool it’s cool… uh- I’m… – staying here.”
“The school here accepted me, so I’m staying here”

I was gonna miss her. Like fuck. But I wasn’t as emotional as I though I’d be. Maybe because I knew beforehand that she applied to a school there? I don’t know.

I was secretly hoping that she wouldn’t get accepted to the new school. I didn’t want things around me to change. And after all, she was my best-friend! But then moving might’ve been the best thing for her education, since the new diploma we were starting wasn’t suited for her.

I was also secretly hoping that she would get accepted. Maybe it was time for a change? Open my eyes to the other people at school, because we were like milk and cereal, we were always together. She might’ve been like a safety blanket for me.

The new school year started on the 21st August, everyone got their GCSE results back. During our exams we were planning when to open it; in school, on the cab or at home. But she wasn’t there when the time came.

Anyway, I’m doing great at school. The first day was awkward because Jodi wasn’t there, but I had my other friends around me. :) But sometimes during the lull I would think to myself “It would be so much fun if Jodi was around…”

I do love my friends! But you see, they aren’t on the same wave-length as me. Not like Jodi. We’d discuss about Internet-celebs, hair, cosplay, our “history”, sex stuff etc. But most of my friends don’t get it, aren’t interested or grossed out.
Jodi and I dressup in these awesome clothes, and walked around the city. We make these stupid videos and post ’em on Youtube. We take the most amazingest sticker pictures!

We got our lips pierced together.
She was my refuge when I got kicked out from my home.
I dyed my hair for the first time at her place.
We cried like little bitches together xD
We went to councelling together.
We gave people mean nicknames.
She made me open-minded, or what other people may mistake as “constant hornyness”
And we both love cheese :)

Just now I suddenly realized I won’t be able to do those awesome things anymore.

So who was driving this double-decker bus that hit me?

Fucking hell, Youtube! That’s right, Youtube!
I went on to my Youtube favourites, and just watched the videos we made coz I was bored.

Everything suddenly soaked into me. Dawned upon me. I felt my windpipes tighten, chest rising, and a heavy sigh was the answer.

I feel like sucha bad person.

We lost contact. I know her e-mail and all that jazz, but we don’t talk anymore. I sent her an e-mail, but no reply. I’m not on msn when she is because of time zone. We seriously haven’t talked to each other for a whole month!

Last time I talked to her she said she’s coming back next Spring. I seriously can’t wait! I hope she comes back earlier tho, maybe like for Christmas.


3 Responses to “It suddenly hit me like a bus… A double-decker bus!”

  1. I remember you told me you miss your best friend, but now I see you miss her a whole lot more. It’s not time for change, but time for you to be able to survive without her. :O Look at all the fun things you guys did, I know its hard not being able to do that without her, especially eating cheese ;D. But really I understand how suckz0rs it is to not be able to talk to anyone that understands you as she does or have the same interests as you. There’s really not anybody around here that I know of that have the same interests as me, well the other half of me, that is.

    All in all, hope you guys catch up soon and you won’t feel sad about her presence not being in HK x]

    Oh hey what kind of dog(s) do you have? o.o & nice caramelldansen video you have there lol.
    I see you sure got to blog a lot while not having to go to school, amirite? xD

  2. Hi,
    I think the point you described here is very good,don’t loss your best friend even though you’re angry or not said goodbye..

  3. Hi,
    Last time I talked to her she said she’s coming back next Spring. I seriously can’t wait! I hope she comes back earlier tho, maybe like for Christmas.

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