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How to make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Posted in All Blogs with tags , , , , on October 12, 2008 by Mao

I’m so fuckingly dyingly frustratingly fucking HUNGRY. And my tummy can use a good ol’ Grilled Cheese Sandwich :D

But guess what?
No I can’t!
Coz I don’t have any bread, nor cheese.


But I can feast my eyes on pictures right?

Equally as evil as Jailbaits

Equally as evil as Jail-baits

So to feed on my fantasy, I’m making a step-by-step on…


You will need…
2 pieces of bread
CHEESE, any kind and as much as you want
and a Pan.

1. Start your fire! (reeelight mah fiiiire!~)
2. Put butter on pan.
3. As it starts to melt swirl it around your pan.
4. Put one slice of bread into the pool of butter.
5. It should look fucking good.
6. Put cheese on top.
7. As the cheese starts to melt, put the second piece of bread on top of cheese.
8. Once the buttered-side of bread is nice and brown, Flip it!
9. Do the same for other side.
10. If you want to, you can re-butter your pan.
11. If you think both sides are well done, use a spatula and squeeze the toast down.
12. Stop fire.
13. Slide it onto plate, and leave it to cool a little.

13. is especially important! If not followed properly, this misson can end in a naaasty way.

Yes, this is what melted cheese can do to you (from personal experience). And with a burnt hand, you will most likely be rushing to a hospital, thus no Grilled Cheese Toast for you! :[

14. Once you have let it cool down for 20 seconds (you don’t want it completely cold, as you’ll not be able to achieve the stringy cheese effect), slice it diagonally.

Or else you’ll unlock the 6th door of Hell, with side-affects of meteor shower or an apocalypse.

15. You are done!

FUUUUCK, I seriously need GCS D:

Stay tuned for my very useful, intelyjent and awesome how-to for Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich!


Nightwing #149

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As expected, this issue was A-MAZING!

The basic plot (and spoiler) is that Nightwing fights against all of Batman’s famous rogues gallery, which were created by Scarecrow’s fear serum. The fear serum was injected in prior issue, which was coated on a bullet Two-Face used to shoot at poor Nightwing :(
… lots of drama-lama,… Nightwing’s too late to save Carol; who gets shot by Two-Face.


Nightwing fails once again.

Anyway, this issue had tons of Kill Bill-esque ultra violence.
Which I thought was pretty damn cool :]

But I didn’t really dig the art too much.
I’ve seen better, and it should’ve defiantly been better since it’s an amazing issue.

I’m trying my very hardest to get her into American Comics, because that’ll mean she’s buy tons of TPBs! … which I’ll get to read :]

On with the post…

… maybe,… just maybe, he should leave the jokes to Joker.
There’s a link with the death of Jason Todd, which gives this issue another brownie point.

Ahhh~, and this issue’s pretty touching too :'[ Because of the serum, Nightwing’s seeing things, and in one of his delusions he sees his parents falling. But Nightwing saves them in a nick of time, and says…

[I’m sorry I can’t be butt-fucked to scan this…]

“Is this my mom and dad holding tight to me? No. Of course not. But it sure feels good to be together again even if it’s only a figment of my imagination”

Baaaaaw D:
I bet he’s gonna get hooked to drugs after this.

And yea, Carol gets owned.

blah blah blah,,,
After Two-Face, Harvey, found out she died, he goes on a bitch-fit and shouts that Nightwing was supposed to save her from his alter ego.

… :/
Didn’t like the ending of the issue too much. It continues onto #150 of Nightwing’s crossover with Batman R.I.P., which might I add that there’s barely any links with thus far.


omg guys, I just wanted to add; Thanks for viewing my blog! :D
On 2nd October I had my highest view of 210, which motivates me to keep on mindless-blogging! And the awesome thing is that I enjoy doing this, so yay for me (and maybe you) xD


The moment of relief; Nightwing!

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It has been rumoured that Nightwing was getting cancelled after #150!

Only recently picking up his series, as it was the right timing to join the bandwagon!, I was pretty bummed.

But yea, a sigh or relief after seeing the cover of #151


Nightwing has saved New York City from Two-Face, but that doesn’t mean that he’s saved himself – or that Two-Face is through with him. Nightwing will be forced to confront the madman in Arkham Asylum then face dire changes to his personal life as he deals with the aftereffects of “Batman R.I.P.” and makes the ultimate leap!

And I can’t WAIT till I get my hands on #149 tomorrow; Nightwing vs. all of Batman’s famous rogues! Fucking screwed, but should be uber fun to read!
I’m soooo excited for it, it’s almost schoopid. But can’t help it!
You can download the sneak-peak, but I’m not going too! :D You know why?  Coz I want it to be a surprise! ^_^

I seriously hope it doesn’t turnout crap, and rock-bottom my expectation.

Over and out.