*Uses phoenix down on Mao’s blog*


omg i feel so bad for neglecting it for THIS long!I’ve got Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #3 but I haven’t read it yet… coz now i lost it.

But im grabbing an issue of Nightwing #150 and Titans tomorrow, so I’ll have something up by Sunday :]

*le sigh*

Oh yea!,
I won a bet on who the the first Robin was. My friend’s stupid enough to actually bet against me, since he thought the first was Jason Todd. =_=

so ya, bye bye <3


2 Responses to “AHHHH omg”

  1. Dude, you not only have good pics (yesh, Ive been stalking some. D:), but
    you also have an uber groovy sense of humour as well. I love your blog. XD
    Cheers! :d

  2. I read this blog now for 3 weeks and I just can agree with ania. The jokes are lovely.

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