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Fuck Ironman

Posted in 1 with tags , , on March 27, 2010 by Mao

8hcd89hdcscshscjsgh. Sorry i don’t blog anymore :(

Buuuut here’s a quicky.

Yesterday I had an age old discussion with my friend; DC vs. Marvel. If you haven’t noticed I’m totally for DC. We’ve got the classic, and not a bunch of sell-outs. Who’s the physically strongest in Marvel? Hulk. Can Superman kick Hulk’s hiney? Fuck yes.
And my friend was whining about how Ironman is “so awesome” blahblahblah. But if you think about it Ironman’s just a rich guy with money to spare in a fullbody armour. Batman might be rich and have awesome gadgets as well but at least he has some kick-ass martial arts skills!

Speaking of kicking ass, Kick Ass actually looks pretty good :P




Posted in 1 on August 8, 2009 by Mao

Ahhh, i remember starting this WordPress account last summer. good times good times.

As you can tell it’s fairly dead now xD I’ve been caught up with school, life and my stupid antics… I’ve been super broke for the last few months, where i always throw my very own “Jew party” where i scab food off my friends.

Blame the economy and their cig prices! *shakes fist to air*