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Up, Up and Away! … then Down, Down it goes…

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Yesterday was an awesome day. But not today :(

As I mentioned in the last part of yesterday’s entry, I was like waaay looking forward for Nightwing #147 and a TPB I ordered. But OH THE TRAGEDY!, no new comics were released at my comic book store!

side note: It takes an extra day for new comic release in Hong Kong.

Because of the typhoon which skimmed past Hong Kong on Wednesday , all business was closed… therefore the boxes of comic goodness was still at the airport this afternoon. Dude, it wasn’t that bad…. I mean like sure, the wind was knocking all the trash cans over and the rain flooded the rural areas, but come on! ugh, I love being so selfish.

But I’m a REALLY lazy fucker, so it takes great commitment for me to go ALL the way to the comic book store. And it opens at like 3pm, and all the cool cartoons starts around 5pm so I gotta go real quicky.
ahaha I read what I wrote, and I hate myself! :D

So while I was there, I did buy Titans #3 (grrr they didn’t have #2) so I’ll be kinda up to date when issue 4 comes out on the 27th! *high-five* I also grabbed the last copy of Final Crisis: Rogue’s Revenge #1, which I have yet to read.

And I also wrote a list of Nightwing and Flash issues to buy. But sadly, there weren’t any left. The issues I wanted were all Nightwing/Flash crossovers! :( I hate it when people think like me (or when I think like people)!
I wanted issue #211, and it would go something like…

*Me flipping through comics*
“omg, I’m like so sure they’ll have #211 since they had the previous 3 issues”

Evil organised comics put in numerical order to fool me!
That, my children, is one evil motherfucking way to raise someone’s hope. And then to crush it with the mits!

… and yea, that happened to like every single issue I wanted :)

*le sigh*

But a good thing did happen! I really enjoyed ready Titans #3! I loved the first issue, and thought Judd Winick got lucky. But now I think I really like his stuff? and even though the artist is different from #1, the art’s still top notch.
I’m Lovin’ It! (sue me -_-)


From here on, it may contain spoilers and traces of nuts.

So just don’t read from here onwards if you’re allergic to nuts.

OK, so what you need to know about this issue is that Wally’s a wanker and you’ll get a massive urge to kick him in the arse. BUT that’s not the Wally we know, because he’s a cutie sweetie pie guy. Mmmm, pie guy~ *drools* Raven and Beast Boy goes on a bitch fit and they start fighting each other, yadda yadda yadda. And it turns out that they were acting “out of character” because evil people gave them cooties.
I air quoted, because I think the way they acted in this issue’s how they feel about each other, but was multiplied by like 14.8ish.

There’s waaay more to this issue, I just don’t wanna type it all out because I don’t want DC’s sales to go down… and I hate typing summarise. So go buy it folks!

Anyway, there’s this steamy scene where Nightwing and Starfire are having sex.

For your viewing pleasue, click for bigger.

That fucking guppy-like skank!

That’s like… soooo un-professional Dick! And I like super duper deny that Dick still has feelings for Star coz he like SOOO got over her years ago, and is like in-total-love with Michelle! (I’m destined to direct a chick-flick movie)

So to wrap it up, I’m a fat ass that already ate 1K calories before dinner that’s going to go read a comic book.


To-mo-row I’m getting…
*chants* Nightwing issue 1-4-7, Nightwing issue 1-4-7, Nightwing issue 1-4-7, */chants*



L is for Lobo

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,,, who can seriously kick some arse.

… like majorly!

He’s an alien bounty hunter, the last of his race.
Unlike the poor citizen of planet Krypton and J’onzz’s home planet Mars, Lobo unleashed a plague which killed everyone on the his home planet. Note that it wasn’t by accident, but intentional… I guess he did it because it was cool?
Oh but his 4th grade teacher was off planet at that time so she survived, until Lobo found her and snapped her neck.

I like Lobo.
He’s cool yanno?
Might be a bit violent.
But he could be a goodie, it just depends who hires him.

… he reminds me of Gene Simmons.

Did I mention that he LOVES Space Dolphins?
I think that’s the cutest things ever! He’ll kill anyone who gets in his job’s way and whoever pisses him off, and hates everyone in the entire universe! plus, He’s a major BADASS! But he’ll do anything for his beloved Space Dolphins!, or what he once refereed to as “cutesy-wutesy flying cosmic-type dolphin buddies”.

You see, a long time ago a stray Space Dolphin came to planet Earth and was killed by a Japanese fisherman. Lobo was grief stricken, and went totally Lobo on Earth (or what we know as “Hulking-out“). He fought against Aquaman, because Aquaman’s a superhero, gay, and doesn’t want anyone getting hurt; notably the Japanese fisherman. I don’t know the details about the fight, but I’m pretty sure Aquaman was getting pretty beat. But when Lobo saw Aquaman’s dolphin thong, he realized Aquaman likes dolphins too, and he can’t hurt a fellow dolphin lover.

I’m serious, I didn’t make that up! (I KNOW that Aquaman wears a thong, I just can’t prove it yet)
See, Lobo has a cute side :)
He’s like that hardcore bike-gang dude that likes ponies.

And he makes a cute (effing pissed) squirrel~

L stands for Lobo, and also for LOVE!

lol, nice ass shot Lo.