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L is for Lobo

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,,, who can seriously kick some arse.

… like majorly!

He’s an alien bounty hunter, the last of his race.
Unlike the poor citizen of planet Krypton and J’onzz’s home planet Mars, Lobo unleashed a plague which killed everyone on the his home planet. Note that it wasn’t by accident, but intentional… I guess he did it because it was cool?
Oh but his 4th grade teacher was off planet at that time so she survived, until Lobo found her and snapped her neck.

I like Lobo.
He’s cool yanno?
Might be a bit violent.
But he could be a goodie, it just depends who hires him.

… he reminds me of Gene Simmons.

Did I mention that he LOVES Space Dolphins?
I think that’s the cutest things ever! He’ll kill anyone who gets in his job’s way and whoever pisses him off, and hates everyone in the entire universe! plus, He’s a major BADASS! But he’ll do anything for his beloved Space Dolphins!, or what he once refereed to as “cutesy-wutesy flying cosmic-type dolphin buddies”.

You see, a long time ago a stray Space Dolphin came to planet Earth and was killed by a Japanese fisherman. Lobo was grief stricken, and went totally Lobo on Earth (or what we know as “Hulking-out“). He fought against Aquaman, because Aquaman’s a superhero, gay, and doesn’t want anyone getting hurt; notably the Japanese fisherman. I don’t know the details about the fight, but I’m pretty sure Aquaman was getting pretty beat. But when Lobo saw Aquaman’s dolphin thong, he realized Aquaman likes dolphins too, and he can’t hurt a fellow dolphin lover.

I’m serious, I didn’t make that up! (I KNOW that Aquaman wears a thong, I just can’t prove it yet)
See, Lobo has a cute side :)
He’s like that hardcore bike-gang dude that likes ponies.

And he makes a cute (effing pissed) squirrel~

L stands for Lobo, and also for LOVE!

lol, nice ass shot Lo.


Bra Wearing Crime Fighters!

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… I actually doubt they even wear one.

Catwoman, Oracle, Zatana, BlackCanary, PowerGirl, WonderWoman, SuperGirl, BatWoman, Vizen, PosionIvy, HarleyQuinn

L to R: Catwoman, Oracle, Zatana, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Vixen, Posion Ivy, Harley Quinn

You can click for a slightly bigger version :)
Don’t you think it’s so pwetty?
Whoever in DC drew this should do a Super-male version.

I like it how Powergirl’s dress is similar to her crime fighting costume, a nice little breathing hole for her boobies. And why is Batwoman even in the picture?, she’s hardly active in the DCU at the moment. The artist should’ve replaced her with Starfire.

Some superheroines should invest in buying bras! They don’t serve the community for money, but can’t some of them at least put some paddings into their costume.

Like seriously…

Stipples much?

Like take example of Wonder Woman, she’s got big melons, but they’re kept under control by her Golden Eagle.

But sometimes her lower half isn’t covered enough.

Ouchie, a wedgie during a fight.

Power Girl’s allowed to not wear a bra. Why? Because she probably can’t find a size that fits ’em!

Seriously they are as big as her head! EACH!

I bet her powers aren’t actually a big deal. Her blows (PUNCH blows) feels hard because all the enemies are so mesmerised by the abnormality of them, that their head’s totally out from the fight.
Wouldn’t you be shitting yourself if a Double F-Cup flies right in your face breaking your nose in the process?
No, it’s not your dream coming true. It’s probably going to be the last thing you see…

I smell sexual harassment!

I think he genuinly wants to visit the Grand Canyon.
Grand canyon’s red, and Blue Devil’s blue. So I’m sure the colour’s dynamics will bring out his beautiful complexion.


God, I love talking about Power Girl’s boobs.
Because there’s so much to say about!
Take a look at this Lego Power Girl. Flat, but the shading gives them volume.

ahaha, Dr. Fate’s legs. cute.

As a female, I think her character’s boring. There’s nothing too interesting about her. Her boobs makes me divert my attention else where. Her hair’s cute, but that’s about it. But looking at it from a guy’s point of view, I know why most of them they likes her.

Click for bigger... if it gets any bigger.

Click for bigger... if it gets any bigger.

Lemme spell it out,

Yeah, it’s awesome for guys since they like boobs. But don’t you think it’s a bit too big? I mean like, you don’t see guys with unbelievably MASSIVE cock bulging in their trousers do you? Nu uh.
I rest my case.

Lets actually move on from the subject of Power Girl and Boobs to,,,

Black Canary and her awesomeness! She wears stripper boots and fish net stockings, but she doesn’t look skanky. You know why? … because she wears a biker jacket! (ahaha, I couldn’t come up with a better reason)
Checkout her (not so) recent Mattel release,

I think they did an awesome job.
… Considering that I had a childhood in which I disliked Barbie and any human dolls.

While I’m on the topic of Black Canary, I think I consider her as one of my favourite heroines. She’s cool and kicks major ass at melee combat. My others including Rogue, Ravager and Oracle. I also like Harley, such a cute psychopath :)

But none of my favourite superheroines will make it to my overall Top 5 favourite (!!! a new blog idea). I dunno, but I like my supers to be a guy.

*shakes head shamefully at tags*