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A separate post about me being :)

I’ve been hearing great news recently; other than the recent awesome comic issues!

I found out that I got 100% in my GCSE Media Studies!
100% in exam,
100% in coursework.
I oh-em-geed!
First off, it was one of those exams which you come out thinking tons of other stuff you would’ve included in your answers. Secondly, I got a C for my mock exam.
Media’s my favourite subject, so I’m still going over the moon :D I should be coming down soon.

I might get to serve community service at the comic book store!
I’ll get to buy all the new issues! And package the new issues! And put them on the rack! ahaha, I told them I’m hardworking, so we’ll see.

My friend’s dad offered me a job!!!
He’s a teacher at a local (Cantonese) school, and he’s looking for people to help them with their English. Guess what the pay is? HK$250 (around US$31) for 90 minutes! I’ll be working once a week x]
But I’m not 100% to take it or not since I’m supposed to prepare them for an exam,… so the pressure’s huge.
Did I mention they’re the same age as me? ._.

Lalalala~ :D


Feeling Adventurous and going Marvel

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I’m techincally a DC Comics person. Therefore makes me biased. And therefore I usually automatically assume that DC Comics is better than Marvel (like, way).
I’m probably just really jelous of their quick methods of attracting more audiences, making blockbuster hits, while DC Comics stuck to straight-to-DVD animated movies.

What actually made me AVOIDE Marvel was what my bestfriend said…

– At the cinemas about the watch Spiderman 3 –

BFF – “I like the Marvel movies”
Me – “Oh, I prefer DC Comics”
BFF – “What’s DC?”

JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST! PEOPLE KNEW MARVEL BUT NOT DC COMICS! … was my initial thought. But now The Dark Knight‘s turnover’s higher than Spiderman 3, so hah!, DC Comics conquer!!!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that I came across an potentially amazing Marvel comic, called Runaways.

Amazing artwork!

Hot boys!

Farout Amazon reviews!

ok, so it’s probabaly going to be an amazing read. Not saying Marvel’s amazing. But everything about it sounds/looks FANTASTIC!

Chase looks so effing HOT! My God! *drools*
Stupid, stupid Mao! Stay on topic. STAY ON TOPIC!

I would go to the comic book store to order it tomorrow, but i just went there today. And already placed an order for Teen Titans: The future is now, and i’m running low on cash. So gonna wait till August till i have Ka-ching! back in my pocket. Yes, I am a whiney teenager who feeds off her mom’s money.

It seems worth my money if i get the hardcover. But I can cover more story-grounds if I buy the softcover version, since i can buy 4 softcovers for a price of 1 hardcover.
Ugh, i hate being restrcited with money.

I was reading wikipedia entry on the Runaways, and I came across the name Cloak and Dagger. CLOAK AND MOTHERFUCKING DAGGER! I practically hulked out in front of the computer. Because, oh my GOD, they came out in this years Media Studies GCSE paper. I assumed that they were VILLIANS! AND I BLOODY WROTE “THEY ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE buttsucking VILLIANS!!!!” (or something along those lines) in my papers. RAWR! UGHHH. and I’m getting my GCSE results within a month!

Goodbye A*, Goodbye A :'(

Come on, don’t they look evil at first glance?



… fine.

But I swear. If they provided a DC Comic’s character instead of Marvel’s, I know I could’ve wrote something… something better.

Hah, now i look at it they kind of remind me of more cloaked Spectre and more modest Power Girl!

<— Add more mysteriousness,
and shade him in more

Boob-reduction, grow hair,
cover leg, take away the
cape —————>

Ugh, Powergirl…

hah, and there’s a cyborg called Victor in the Runaways? Psssh, ripoff from DC’s Cyborg. I just wish DC Comics could’ve came up with the Runaways. Did I mention Ironman’s stupid?

ahaha, llolicopter! night.