Who is Mao?

In one hand take a Glory seeker, Batman’s protégé and raging hormones. And in another grab a handful of lazy motherfucker (say it with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice).
Roll ’em together and you get Mao.

If you still have no idea what Mao is, it’s my bloody name.

I am a being that gets side-tracked a lot. Lots of things distracts me, and tons of thoughts are going through my head at the same time.
Surprisingly, I don’t have ADHD.
I probably have ADHD when I start typing? Because in real life I sometimes can’t be fucked to finish my sentence. I’m just uber lazy… and I usually don’t swear as much as I do on my blog.

So, basic stuff about me…
I’m a teen girl with an obsession for Superhero comics.
I love The Flash (Wally)!
I’m Japanese, living in HK.
I’ll be blogging less when school starts.
I like making subtle references to geeky/awesome stuff (points at title)
… and that’s about it.

– Mao


8 Responses to “Who is Mao?”

  1. haha
    you seem like you know a lotttttttttt of stuff about Batman
    spread your knowledge!


  2. You win points for having Kingdom Come in your profile pic. Consider yourself bookmarked. I’ve got a comic blog as well… but it’s more focused on my comic-work process though. http://www.johnamor.wordpress.com. I’m an artist working on landing a gig, come check out my stuff sometime.

  3. Hi there Mao, I stumbled upon your blog through your YouTube page (I even dropped you a comment and subscribed to you because you have random yet awesome videos, go check it out xD) and I just wanted to say I think I read all your blog posts because boredom struck me and they were all really entertaining. You’re a prolific writer =]. I use to read comics when I was a kid but have suddenly stopped, I think I might have to read comics again just because of you x] and ‘KICK-ASS’ looks really good. Any who, basically I wanted to give you kudos for a creating sucha cool blog and I’m gonna visit it moar when you update your blog :D.

  4. Mao, would you be interested in joining a Skype-recorded podcast about comics? I’m planning a review show, and I need one more person. Add me up on Skype (john_amor01) or Yahoo Messenger (i_the_instrument) if you’re interested. Thanks.

  5. your page is pretty awesome, check out mine. http://www.ssjlogan.wordpress.com

  6. Mao, here’s the show we’d like you to drop by at from time to time. Bit of a sausage fest right now, but comics peeps abound.


    Peace out.

  7. LOL I WAS GOOGLING FOR AWESOME BATMANsssss comics at extremely low prices [fuck they cost and arm and a leg here and I can’t findss no man land here] and I find YOUUUUs.

    from Lydi K.

  8. You’re officially the coolest Asian girl in Hong Kong. I’m the coolest guy in this apartment in Sai Kung….

    It’s crazy cause I was doing an image search to see who else used the same photo as my icon and I found you here.

    Please, I beg you, tell me where you buy your comics, all I’ve found here are cookie-cutter Japanese mangas. I craved the Supes/Batty team, the Strongest There Is and some Ultimate Teens that the World Fears and Hates….

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