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Death, Resurrection and Roll-ups

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Batman fans will know that there’s a ‘Batman RIP‘ thing going on.

and it’s jingle goes something like…

Are you ready for “Batman R.I.P.”?

Who will live? Who will die? Who will be Batman?
The answers are sure to shock you in “Batman R.I.P.,”

*bites nails*
Shit son, I’m not ready!
As stupid as this may sound, I don’t want to find out what happens! I don’t want anyone to die, especially none of the Bat-family. And there’s been an on-going debate on who makes a better Batman; Nightwing or Robin. Sorry Damian, you’re out of the picture!

… and just to make it clear, Damian is Batman’s genetic son. Oh the family drama!

I just think Nightwing should stay as Nightwing. Robin (Tim) should stay as a sidekick/partner. Damian’s too ninja-like,… and isn’t he younger than Tim? Jason Todd (Red Robin), I don’t really like him, and I think he still has cooties/the evils.

Unless the next Batman’s gonna be female!
Barabara, original Batgirl, crippled, out of the picture. Current Batgirl, Cassandra, her being Batman’s a little too awkward. … Huntress? HUNTRESS, SMASH!!!!! nahhh….
Or maybe Batwoman? I never read any of her runs, so I have no idea what she’s like. And I don’t like the name Batwoman, it’s three syllables, a bit hard to cry for help yanno? “BAT-MAN!!!” “BAT-GIRL!!!” “BAT-wo-MAN!!!“.
In Final Crisis: Revelations (#1 out in Aug 13th), she’s returning from wherever she was, and she looks damn fine!

What I’m trying to say is,
I prefer Bruce Wayne as Batman. He’s the perfect creep to fill-up the suit.
I don’t follow the Bat-series, and I’m not intending too. I’ll just read the final spoiler (“Who will be Batman”), or get someone to spoil it for me.

If you’re interested, here’s the pull-list for Batman R.I.P.

Checkout Nightwing #149 , he goes against Batman’s rogue gallery… like all of them at once! I think it’s gonna be SHWEEEEET, must buy!


Lets make this clear.
I’m not hating on Barry.
Most people seems to like the Silverage Barry.
But DUDE! It’s time to MOVE ON!

Maybe he’s going to be used as a plot device instead of taking Wally’s mantle as The Flash. Well, I’m cool with that. Or maybe his return is temporary, and he goes back to where ever La-La Land his residence’s at. I’m also cool with that.

But I will not be cool if Barry brings his old ass back into the picture, and decides to steal Wally’s costume!!!

Fuck! I’ll be so pissed.
I’ll be SO pissed that I will run downstairs, dig-up all of the nicely planted flowers, grab the closest tree and swing it into civilians, drink up all the swimming pool water so no one can swim for the rest of the Summer, kick down all the apartment-buildings and cause a domino effect, do the Canary-Cry and blowup the closest airplane flying, and HULK OUT and go on a murderous RAMPAGE!
… or maybe I’ll just rant on my blog.

I would be equally as pissed if Wally has to become ‘Kid Flash‘ again.

… we’ll see how it goes *gives off the evils*

I’m like totally sway with Jay being The Flash, because he has a different costume. And he also has a different set of friends (JSA). Plus he’s old. I like old people.

But other then that, I’m glad that ol’ speedster’s alive. :) I wonder what major Flash plot-line he’s gonna bring along.

New Promo image for The Flash: Rebirth!

Click for bigger image and Click for article.


Mmmm~… effective marketing~…



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To my suprise, I found Tiny Titans at the comic book store!
I wasn’t actually looking for it, but instead Teen Titans and Outsider’s Graduation Day. Too bad they didn’t have any left, but DUDE I found Tiny Titans!!!

It is beyond cuteness!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ x333!!! <3333 nyahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
k, i’m done.
I actually didn’t expect them to sell Tiny Titans because a) Superhero comics aren’t popular here b) The demographics, or atleast the usual customers at the store, are all middle aged working men… Nothing wrong with middle aged men reading Tiny Titans,… but… oh, never mind.

So I randomly grabbed issue #5, “Meet tiny titans east!”

And even though I HATE Inertia, this lil’ convo between him and Kid Flash is too adorable!

*yay for not showing little Inertia using needles!*

And oh gosh, Nightwing is SOOOOOOO cute! I scanned the folowing…

Poor Dicky’s getting made fun of :'(
But look at lil Gizmo!!! <333 And Mammoth is that BIG stupid kid in your class.
ahahaha! and his lunch box, adorkableness!


Nightwing cuteness was much needed, after a frustrating read of the new Batgirl series. If you didn’t know, Caasandra Cain (a.k.a. Batgirl), was raised to be an assassin blah blah blah and she wasn’t taught how to read/write/speak but instead to read people’s body language. That’s pretty hardcore. BUT suddenly she can read, and it was all summarised in one little square box, which i quote…

“By day, she took speech and ESL courses, suppliment by expert tutoring arranged by Alfred”

That was the cool thing about her… but anyway further on,
Nightwing’s a total jerk-face!!! He’s basically a bitch to Cass, and accused her of murder because she was outside alone. His root of bitchiness came from previous issues when Batgirl was once drugged by Slade and was like his partner in crime.
Thankfully she was saved, and Batman ran two drug tests, which the results said she’s clean from the drugs. So she was back in buisness with the Bat family and everyone trusted her again… except for Dick Grayson…
Batman got over it.
Robin got over it.
Nightwing didn’t.
Like oh my god Nightwing! Cry me a river, build a bridge and get the fuck over it! He’s even worse than my mom! And the stoopider thing is that the same thing happened to the Ravager, who is Slade’s daughter. But he forgave her and got over that. like wtf.

I blame Beechen! rawr!
Everyone just fucks over with Nightwing. Including Judd Winick (the writer of Outsiders), his Nightwing is boooooring. And Barbara too, but he also fucked her over so its fair game.

But I’m sure *fingers crossed* that the next issue will be better :]

I actually picked up the Batgirl series in hopes of seeing Batgirl and Nightwing fighting side-by-side against David Cain and Slade! That would be total kick ass!!!
I can already imagine it!

… man, this entry was full of words like “cute” “adorable” and “<3″…

Li’l Big Barda!
Look at her Boom tube, omg, just look at it x]
Tiny Titans Issue #6