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Give me a Fucking break!

Posted in All Blogs, DC Comic, Life, The Flash with tags , , , , , , , , , , on August 31, 2008 by Mao

As I mentioned before, I’m doing an IB diploma.
I’m weird, so I think it’s fun. But fucking hell, we get a mad amount of homework.

I just did 3 hours worth of math homework, and I haven’tfinished it yet! … and lemme tell you, I’m pretty quick when it comes to math.
I also did 2 pages of importance of the streetcar and the trunk in The Streetcar Named Desire for English.
I wrote a fucking essay on population growth for Environmental System.
And to fucking add onto that, I did an hour worth of Spanish revision since the class is going at a mental pace.

Total amount of time spent on homework = VERY FUCKING LONG.

I wouldn’t be complaining if I actually left all my homeworks until the weekends. But this is how it’s been for the last few days (since school started)

I still have to research stuff on Sea cucumbers, a penis shaped marine animal.
Now I shall rename it the Sea Penis… it also ejaculates a cum-like liquid for self defense. Cool innit?

And behold, the most adorkablest creature of the seven seas, a Nudibranch!!!


So now I’m going to procrastinate and go watch a DVD I bought; FLASH, THE TV SERIES:DDD
I’m like a¬†protagonist of a Greek tragedy… one day IB’s gonna come bite at my ass. But at the moment I don’t care, because I’m gonna go fill myself with awesomeness.



The Dark Hound Strikes!… with intense cuteness

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You know what New Earth’s Batman is missing?

Ace, the Bat-Hound!

Ace first appeared in the Silver-age Batman series. A crime fighting dog, GENIUS! He’s supposedly a German Shepperd, but he looks more like a Great Dane to me.

I think it would be so sweet if the dark and mysterious Batman has a soft spot for his Acey!
Batman: “Aren’t you a good little Acey? Who’s a good boy? WHO’S A GOOD BOY? Yes your are, you shweet wittle pumpkin!”
*Robin walks in*
Batman:” … he… I…” *whips out a Batarang, and does his Bat-glare*

You know, when I grow up and own a house and a steady job, I want an Australian Sheepdog and name him Ace. Also a ferret called Hubert (Bertie) and a hedgehog called Oscar.
Yes I’m lame, get over it.

… gotta love the old ‘holy guacamole’ Batman!

Ace is so hardcore, that he gets to wear Batman’s extra Bat-undies as his costume!
… lucky bastard.

It’s a little creepy to know that a dog can identify its owner in photos. Ace shouldn’t be fighting crime! Instead he should be blackmailing Bruce for a life of luxury. And Batman,… why does he keep a picture of himself and Dick in the Batcave? oh wait, it’s totally normal for Batman, since he hangs pictures of himself as Batman and Superman in Wayne Manor.

It’s no surprise that Bane and Two-Face found out his identity.

To be honest, I didn’t know about Ace the Bat-Hound until I came across Krypto the Superdog few months ago.
And this episode is when Ace meets The Dog Stars (a group of super-powered dogs).
Watch from 0:44 – 2:20. And if you have time, watch the whole thing.

Told ya, intense cuteness.
Ace is what keeps the show full of awesomeness!, because Krypto is… well… um… boring to watch. Ace also does the Bat-glare and proclaims himself to be Batman’s partner, and not a pet. Fuckin’ hilarious.


Adam West’s Batman… or atleast what I remember of it.

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Adam West’s Batman (TV series) was what first triggered my interest in comics. And no, I’m not over 40 y/o. I happened to have really bad satelite television, which aired that1960s show in the late 1990s.

I was in my early Primary school years, and as soon as I hear “nanananana Batman! Fatman! Batmaaaan~!”, I’d jump onto the sofa. I was totally mesmerized by the “Pow” “Bam” “Blam Blam”, and the obvious non-contact fighting scenes.
And I never really questioned myself how tight Burt Ward (Robin)’s groin area must be wearing those.

… doesn’t look too tight

… oh well…

*scrolls around on Google image search*’
… aaaand lets just say, Nostalgia > Reality

I was around 7/8 years old when I was watching it, but I wasn’t totally oblivious ’bout the details. It made me WTFOMGBBQ when Robin was getting threatened and intimidated by a supossed ‘villian’ who had the power to control a bee. Yes, a bee. Which, might I add, was totally attached to a metal (prodding) stick… prodding stick which i’ll use to poke at Batman’s Batfat.

Mmmm~ Batfaaat :)

And what I remember of the other villians weren’t really ‘evil’. They weren’t even metahumans were they? Oh wait, forgot… the power to control a bee. I bet the majority the villians were girl/boy scouts, and had amazing knot tying skills, which enabled them to always catch one of them. “Arghh! oh no, the knots too tight. Halp meeeee!”
We love you Batman and Robin (and maybe Batgirl)!!!

mmm~… Bat bondage…
I bet they secretly enjoyed it.

… dude, did Bats even have Batarangs?

But then, tragedy strikes!
2/3 years later, the time slot was taken by Baywatch… t’was guilty pleasure. LOL! I pretty much had a crush on Cody. and Mitch’s son… which I forgot his name… :'(
CJ has big bewbs! and you may call me Captain Obvious.