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Electric Guitars

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Dude, I’m so psyched about getting an Electric Guitar! … which I will in (hopefully) 2 months time. x]
I was planning on picking up an acoustic guitar during the Summer, but it never happened. Makes sense to get an instrument played by your favourite music genres yanno?

I used to find heavy metal music pretty average, nothing too wow about it. Sometimes they all sounded the same. But recently I finally understand why people appreciates it so much!
Fucking amazing guitar riffs! Just shreddin’ it at mad speed, flipping mesmerizing.

I’m planning on getting a Fender Starcaster (& it’s starter package xD), coz I heard it’ a good beginner elec. guitar.

Not the best looking, but as long as it can get me started :)

Lemme point out that I’m absolutely clueless about guitars.
I’ll do my homework before I get one of course.

One of my worst fears after buying the guitar, is not being butt-fucked to play it!
The last instrument I played was the flute… which I quit 2 years ago after playing it for 5 years. Why? Because I wasn’t interested anymore. But with the electric guitar I can play metal, as well as alternative, punk and rock! Yay-ness :D

… but whenever I lose interest, I’m planning on watching this guy’s video,

He’s self taught, wtf!

Just fucking amazing.

I want to be as good as him one day! And play that song too (Are you dead yet? – CoB) xD
I also wanna be able to play Hand of Blood by BFMV and A7X’s Beast and the Harlot. Or whatever song that has mad uber faster riffs. But I’ll probably have to start slow… like Nirvana or something, lol. Hopefully it’s easy as it sounds o.o



It suddenly hit me like a bus… A double-decker bus!

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My best-friend moved to Canada during the Summer. We didn’t get to say our goodbyes because she found out when she was there, for what she thought was a two-way ticket trip.

It was a lazy Summer afternoon in Hong Kong. I was glazing at the TV screen, at a movie I think… about three brothers on a road trip in india. The phone rang. I rolled off the couch. I got to the phone (which was only 3ft away xD;;) after it’s 4th ring.

“Hello~? =_=;;”
“Hi Mao, it’s Jodi”
“Oh em gee, Hi Jodi! :D How’s Summer there?”
“It’s cool it’s cool… uh- I’m… – staying here.”
“The school here accepted me, so I’m staying here”

I was gonna miss her. Like fuck. But I wasn’t as emotional as I though I’d be. Maybe because I knew beforehand that she applied to a school there? I don’t know.

I was secretly hoping that she wouldn’t get accepted to the new school. I didn’t want things around me to change. And after all, she was my best-friend! But then moving might’ve been the best thing for her education, since the new diploma we were starting wasn’t suited for her.

I was also secretly hoping that she would get accepted. Maybe it was time for a change? Open my eyes to the other people at school, because we were like milk and cereal, we were always together. She might’ve been like a safety blanket for me.

The new school year started on the 21st August, everyone got their GCSE results back. During our exams we were planning when to open it; in school, on the cab or at home. But she wasn’t there when the time came.

Anyway, I’m doing great at school. The first day was awkward because Jodi wasn’t there, but I had my other friends around me. :) But sometimes during the lull I would think to myself “It would be so much fun if Jodi was around…”

I do love my friends! But you see, they aren’t on the same wave-length as me. Not like Jodi. We’d discuss about Internet-celebs, hair, cosplay, our “history”, sex stuff etc. But most of my friends don’t get it, aren’t interested or grossed out.
Jodi and I dressup in these awesome clothes, and walked around the city. We make these stupid videos and post ’em on Youtube. We take the most amazingest sticker pictures!

We got our lips pierced together.
She was my refuge when I got kicked out from my home.
I dyed my hair for the first time at her place.
We cried like little bitches together xD
We went to councelling together.
We gave people mean nicknames.
She made me open-minded, or what other people may mistake as “constant hornyness”
And we both love cheese :)

Just now I suddenly realized I won’t be able to do those awesome things anymore.

So who was driving this double-decker bus that hit me?

Fucking hell, Youtube! That’s right, Youtube!
I went on to my Youtube favourites, and just watched the videos we made coz I was bored.

Everything suddenly soaked into me. Dawned upon me. I felt my windpipes tighten, chest rising, and a heavy sigh was the answer.

I feel like sucha bad person.

We lost contact. I know her e-mail and all that jazz, but we don’t talk anymore. I sent her an e-mail, but no reply. I’m not on msn when she is because of time zone. We seriously haven’t talked to each other for a whole month!

Last time I talked to her she said she’s coming back next Spring. I seriously can’t wait! I hope she comes back earlier tho, maybe like for Christmas.

I’m doing a Chloe Sullivan!

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Yes, I joined my school’s journalism group for their online magazine!

And guess what? I get to do whatever I want; blogging or podcast. Blogging fer sho!

Much to my geekery, my first article if on American (Superhero) Comics! and my very hard attempt to try getting more people reading it. :)

Please feel free to point out at gramatical mistakes, or rephrase some sentences.
(it’s not published yet)


American Comics,
… not just for fat men with orange-stained Cheetos fingers.

Let’s face it, most of you will stereotype American comic book readers as either obese or skinny guys, who live in their mother’s basement and are 40 year old virgins. But after the recent flood of movie adaptations of comic books, the younger generations are now more familiar with superheroes such as; Ironman, Hulk, Batman, Hellboy etc.

What about those heroes still stuck in monthly issues?

Most non-comic book readers are still unfamiliar with characters that are considered as major characters by readers, such as Nightwing. Don’t know Nightwing? He’s Dick Grayson. Still doesn’t ring a bell? He’s the first of Batman’s protégés! Right now, Batman’s up to Robin number three.

What got me interested in comic books, namely DC Comics, was the in-depth character history. American comics are more like soap operas, and don’t have a concrete storyline, so it has all the time in the world for characterization.

Let’s use Dick Grayson as an example. People who have read Detective Comics since the 1940s would know him since he was Robin: wearing green-scaled underwear and fighting crime with Batman while shouting “Goly Gee Batman!” But since then he has “grown-up”, picked up a new superhero identity, found his own city to protect, and now leads a team. He also has his own monthly issue series!

If you’re a manga (Japanese comic book) reader, you know what I mean when stories just drag on and never reaches the conclusion! Annoying innit? This never happens in American comic books, because of the reason I mentioned above: it’s like The Bold and the Beautiful, without the whole load of drama, abortion and your husband coming back alive three years later after what you thought was a fatal snake bite while he was on an expedition in Africa. Furthermore, I bet you’ve wished for a crossover between two different manga titles, just for the sake of wanting to seem them team-up. Well, this happens quite often in American comic books! There are many crossovers within the institutions, as well as out of the institution, for example Justice Society of America (JSA) and DC vs. Marvel.


Maybe superheroes comics aren’t your cup of tea, but don’t let that stop you from reading them.

You like chick-flicks? Try the new series called Spiderman Loves Mary Jane, which is basically about MJ and her high school life. Juggling around school, friends and her relationship with Spidey.

Dear female readers… find yourself your favourite hot superhero, and I guarantee you that you’ll enjoy reading comic book a lot more!

If you’re looking for a superhero comic not as dramatic as Superman, try Runaways. It’s about six teenagers (who thought they had a pretty average life), finding out their parents are super villains, and runs away from home. During their adventure each individual either finds out about their hidden powers, what they really are, or obtain these awesome power gloves that can blast fire. But since they are teenagers, there’re tons of dramas! I’m sure manga readers will love this series, since the art-style is greatly influenced by manga.

And no, they don’t have eyes half the size of their heads.

How about something waaay more realistic? Then checkout Marvel’s recent title called Kick-Ass. It’s rated mature for violence, but I’m sure Year 11+ can handle it. It’s basically about a high school comic-geek becoming a vigilante. But it’s not your average success story. He gets severely beaten up by gangs and gets into a whole load of trouble.

Want something with more flare and Tarantino-esque? Grab a copy of Young Liars! It’s institution is Vertigo (which goes under DC Comics’ umbrella) because of it’s rating. So much like Tarantino’s movie, I can only recommended it to mature readers or Upper school students. But it’s an amazing read, and I can go as far as saying it’s one of the best series I’ve read.


I’m sure you’re wondering where you can purchase these comics. If you’re looking for trade paperbacks (TPB), which are basically 6/7 issues put together, you should be able to find/order it at any bookstore. But beware, major cooperates are out to rape your wallets! They will most likely charge $20 more than the original price.

This is when the dingy little comic book stores’ awesomeness comes in!They don’t charge any additional price, and you can order TPBs too. But the fallback is that the stores are really hard to find, and super tiny. So far I’ve only found two stores, which happens to be in the same building…

Sugar Street is right behind Windsor House, the building with Toys R Us.

Metro Comics:

Shop 112, Causeway Bay Centre,

15~23 Sugar Street, Hong Kong

Clark’s Comics:

Shop 1, B7 Basement Causeway Bay Centre,

15~23 Sugar Street, Hong Kong


To find out which comics are out this week, visit the institution’s websites

DC Comics…


Image Comics…

Dark Horse…

Rejection never looked any Sweeter

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Because it’s Starfire getting total EPIC rejection by Nightwing. PWNNEEEEED!!!

He don’t love you BITCH, ahaha!!!

Starfire gets rejected by Nightwing

… awkwaaaard.
Every time there’s an awkward silence, a gay baby’s born.

Massive melons.

I also bought the new issue of Tiny Titans, they get their report cards! … and I got two of my favourites here~
I seriously saw this coming, but it’s way cuter than what I imagined!


And as you might’ve also guessed, Robin is scared of clowns! I believe the last panel will totally make the “Awwww” of the day.
Elementary my dear Watson.

I recently picked up a new title called Young Liars… and dropped Batgirl.
omg, I just jumped on board and I already have a clear idea what’s going on. T’is amazing!  Very Tarntino-esque. Fucking random, but awesome randomness.
You just can’t expect what’s gonna happen next!

I love it when little girls kicks ass :’)

Btw, it’s Vertigo.
Just imagine your mom getting nailed on the dining table while you’re eating supper. :)

Pickup Young Liars, coz it’s one of the most amazingest comics I’ve read. I’d give it the Mao-assurance-for-amazingness stamp :)

I’ve got something to put in you!

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Now, I can’t help but to make the whipping sound every time I see my friends.


My school library…

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… has Green Lantern: Sleepers

I found it this morning and I OMFGWTFSCHOOLIBRARYAWESOME :DDD. I showed it to a friend, but she just LOLed ta it,… and i showed her GLs are nothing to LOL at =_=

No one has borrowed it yet…

And I find it completely random. I couldn’t find Book One nor the other DC-novels…

And guess what! There are three Batman novels in the non-fiction area. How cool is that? xD


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A separate post about me being :)

I’ve been hearing great news recently; other than the recent awesome comic issues!

I found out that I got 100% in my GCSE Media Studies!
100% in exam,
100% in coursework.
I oh-em-geed!
First off, it was one of those exams which you come out thinking tons of other stuff you would’ve included in your answers. Secondly, I got a C for my mock exam.
Media’s my favourite subject, so I’m still going over the moon :D I should be coming down soon.

I might get to serve community service at the comic book store!
I’ll get to buy all the new issues! And package the new issues! And put them on the rack! ahaha, I told them I’m hardworking, so we’ll see.

My friend’s dad offered me a job!!!
He’s a teacher at a local (Cantonese) school, and he’s looking for people to help them with their English. Guess what the pay is? HK$250 (around US$31) for 90 minutes! I’ll be working once a week x]
But I’m not 100% to take it or not since I’m supposed to prepare them for an exam,… so the pressure’s huge.
Did I mention they’re the same age as me? ._.

Lalalala~ :D